Donatos Delivers Smiles to Go, Lunch!

On July 16 and 17, Donatos Pizza donated dozens of pizzas to the East Columbus and Livingston Elementary Schools’ Go, Lunch! sites. Thanks to Donatos, more than 200 kids in central Ohio were given free pizza for lunch. The Go, Lunch! program provides free meals to kids throughout the summer and expects to serve a half-million meals this summer. Donatos helped contribute to the program’s goal of feeding kids and adding some fun with their donation of pizzas. 

Donatos means “to give a good thing” in Latin, and each location makes it a goal to live up to this definition. The company’s efforts towards giving back to the community are evident in their recent donation of pizza to the elementary schools. Thanks to the generosity of Donatos and other places in Columbus like Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Columbus Museum of Art, COSI, and many other local partners, Franklin County children have safe, fun activities throughout the summer. Local organizations like the ones listed above are the reason why Go, Lunch! is the largest free summer lunch program in Ohio. 

When I visited East Columbus Elementary on July 16, I was pleased to see such an energetic and safe place for the kids to spend their summer. I walked in to see a presentation from Ohio Wildlife Center. The presenters were teaching and showing kids some of the local animals found in Columbus such as turtles and chipmunks. After the presentation, the kids excitedly waited for Donatos Pizza as they played on the playground. When the pizza arrived, the kids sat down and waited as the pizza was handed out. Kids ages 3-16 were there and could not have been more excited about their afternoon pizza party.

This event with Donatos is what as known as a “spike” event--planned to spike attendance. Attendance at Go, Lunch! sites typically decline after Fourth of July, so the site leaders look for ways to to excite children and increase participation. Donatos was happy to step in and donate pizzas! In addition to the Ohio Wildlife Center presentation and pizza, there were snow cones, face painting and a photo booth. Other sites such as Trevitt Elementary School and Eakin Elementary School paired with the ArtMobile, who brought hands-on art activities, as their means of trying to spike attendance.

Go, Lunch! will be serving lunch and offering activities for kids through August. Because participation hours and days vary, please text “FOOD” to 877877 to find a site closest to you and call for specific information.

By JD Mooney, Irvin PR


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